Saturday, June 27, 2009

Boutique Bows

It’s fascinating to see beautiful boutique bow. I’m not talking about the mass produced ones but the handmade one-of-a-kind style. I like to browse the internet in search for boutique bows and they never failed to give me the oohs and aahs everytime. Most of them are however big sized at 5".

I don’t really fancy big bow. They looked kind of heavy on a child head. Medium and small sized bow suits me well and are just nice for the head. This is strictly my personal opinion only. I may try out doing the big bow one day or much probably on request (if any) *wink*

My first boutique bow with spikes, measured at 4".

My second boutique bow with spikes, measured at 4".

I really love having spikes on bows. They make quite a fashion. What do you think?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here comes Hello Kitty……….. or not.

Hello Kitty was going to have a show during the school break. Leaflets about it were distributed at my son's school and he was so excited that he told us he was 'INVITED' thinking the leaflet was an Invitation Card. That was amusing.... Cut story short, we booked tickets for a 4pm show on June, 19 which is on a Friday, a convenient time for us from KB.

Arriving at the venue (ICC), it was strange enough that we were able to park near the building and it was quiet for a show to go on. Only when we enter, we knew the show is canceled due to some shipping problem in Singapore and the play costumes were stranded, as we’ve been told. The organizer staff told us that the news of the cancellation was in the paper (Brunei Times) and on air (Kristal FM) on Thursday June, 18. Such a short notice and we failed to know about it.

It was sooooooo frustrating and surely was visible on my son’s face. He kept on asking why the show was canceled so we make up by bringing him to play at the Mall’s game arcade.

As on my part, I was pretty mad too as I’ve been staying up most of the night to complete my Hello Kitty hair clip for my daughter to wear to the show (though she probably will not be wearing it).

Well…..looking at the bright side, I’m able to make one new hair clippie. Look at the heavy eyelashes…hmmmm…Hello Kitty with mascara version LOL.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Hair Clippies

I really like making ribbon sculptured hair clippie. Here are some more.

Butterfly clippie

Ice cream cone clippie

Love clippie

Aren't they all cute.

Playing with Ribbons

I really love ribbons. they are so strikingly beautiful and delicious looking. Grosgrain type is the best.

Anyone knows where can I find good grosgrain ribbon in Brunei. I've checked most of the craft and gifts shop and they are mostly stocked up with satin or organza ribbons. Not much on grosgrain.

Turn to online shopping and find several overseas suppliers. The cost is not so much on the ribbons but more on the shipment to Brunei.

My very first ribbon clippie - would you like to have a watermelon.....

My First Clippie

Hair Clippie is my favourite. They are cute and can make one get hooked over making them. I do for only constraint is finding times to make more. But once I started, I usually aim to complete at least one project.

I started with felt and find it quite difficult to cut smooth edges, much more if the design is in small sizes. Really need good sharp scissors. Have thought of using the shaped paper cutter but not sure if it works with felt. Will try it out someday and let you all know. Anyone out there would like to give me ideas.

Try out a simple one and turn to be too fit for the clip. I realized the need to give extra space allowance for the clip pocket cause once we sew the felt, bear in mind that we're going to put a hair clip inside and the bulk of the clip will stretch the felt. We can always trim the excess afterward. Nonetheless we cannot make the clip pocket too wide otherwise the clippies will look sloppy.

Here is my heart clippie (second attempt actually). I can't find my very first one as it looks so bad that I don't bother to keep it. Will post if I find it.

Third attempt - Tree clippie

Noticed that they are not in proportion. The trunk is big for the leaves, looks like an unhealthy tree to me LOL.

Fourth attempt - Flower clippie

Yummy, sweet colour.

Welcome to Bows4Azzahra

Assalamualaikum and Hi. This is a blog dedicated for my love to ribbons crafting. I'm always a craft enthusiast but have not been a committed one LOL. Hobbies come and go. However, ribbons transformed me and make me attached to it. Plus having a daughter gives me the drive. Only sad thing is, she doesn’t like anyone to mess up with her hair. No clippies, no hairbow…no nothing...

Well, I still love ribbons anyway. Here are my trials and errors to a journey of becoming a pro bow maker. Enjoy reading and feel free to comment. I really appreciate your feedback.