Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mouse Ear Clippie

An adorable hair bow clip that has a mouse shape attached to the center adorned with a small bow and rhinestone. Isn't it cute.....

Am I Bugging You?

I managed to get a ladybird clip landed on my Azzahra’s head while she was busy with her tricycle. It didn’t take her long to realize something was going on as mommy was busy with the camera ha..ha..

Taken numerous candid shots and luckily got a good one before the ladybug got thrown up in the air.


I find that ribbon woven headband is a truly unique headband. You can play with the design according to what ribbon colour or print you like. The best part is that you can stick any hair bow with a clippie attachment into the ribbon to make it interchangeable.

This is my first take. The headband is 1” wide. A four color combination of light blue, aqua, white and yellow.

This is what I meant by interchangeable. Sorry, the bows don’t really match with the headband as I’m using them to show how they can be interchangeable.

Simply clip the clippie to any of the woven ribbon (theyr'e not glued).

Other advantages, you can place the bow anywhere either on the left, right or in the middle. Wish I can show these worn on a girl. Yeeeepppppp....Azzahra is no help at all.

Experiment with different colours or printed ribbons and you can have matching hair accessory with outfit.

I’m proud to have completed the headband and would definitely create more in future. Azzahra is excited too. She worn the headband for few seconds and gave compliments on how beautiful the headband was on her. I was scrambling to look for the camera and ends up with this photo.

Anyway, it’s a sign of a good start. BTW, the headband matched with her tees.