Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cute Felt Clippies

I like to call these as '3Ds clippies' as the characters - butterfly, bumble bee, whale and space shuttle seem to be alive. Cutting and sewing the details are quite intricate as their shapes are very small and I'm using free style cutting. No template whatsoever.

Managed to get Azzahra to wear one of them. She's into the butterfly design.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wearable Cupcake

I've started this project far back in October 2009. My first attempt took almost two months of remaking...remaking...and remaking. I experienced difficulties in making the nubble, the small bulb hanging on the side of the frosting part. The yarn got tangled, twisted, knitted the wrong on and so forth. Almost brought me to the verge of giving up but the cuteness of the hat gave me the motivation to keep on trying and oh well.

The first one has a brown base and red frosting. It was overly done as I was practising with the knit, again....I lost track which ended up with an extended cupcake hat. Suitable for elongated alien head.

This is my second attempt and it is perrrrrfect. Certainly will make more of this and will add some creativity and add more decorations on the frosting. Will post them if they're ready.

An adorable cupcake with purple frosting topped with a cherry pom-pom.

Since my supermodel Azzahra is not always available...*wink..., I got Mr. Self-upright Beany Doll to model for me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Party of Monsters

Sorry for the long silence....Am still doing bows, clippies, knitting and woven headband if you're wondering what I'm up to but at a slower pace. Will give updates if time allows. Pretty busy these days with 2010 workloads.

Here are my new creations......monsters......edible and non-edible ones. The monsters' sculptured ribbons are intended for hair clippies. The clips are not yet attached even up to now. Will try to make time this weekend and complete the set.

Monsters coming out from their furry world.

The clippies give me the inspiration to bake monster cookies. Aren't they cute... Both cookies and clippies won Azzahra's heart.