Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's been quite a while for not updating this blog. Well.. I've picked up a new hobby - KNITTING, and that very much explained my MIA.

Knitting is really interesting yet quite tough. Need extreme patience. As a beginner, here is my first attempt of making a knit hat. It's a Tomato hat... ha..ha..ha. Seriously, it is called a Tomato hat.

This took me almost 4 weeks to complete with lots and lots of 'frogging' going on. Frogging is the knitting term used when you rip out a whole project and start over. Imagine that...

I'm not quite satisfied yet with this one as the stem was not nicely made. Towards the end, I lost track of my knit patterns and to 'frogging' it again was not what I had in mind. Problem is, I don't have one important tool i.e. the Double-pointed needle (DPN). So, I just knit all the way using my circular knit needle and try to make out the stem. Gonna look for the DPN now....

To me, knitting is really rewarding. We get to see our fruit of labour and have a sense of accomplishment. Well.. almost with my Tomato hat. Thumbs up for a beginner, I guessed.

Top View

Side Views

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Simply Sweet

These itty-bitty clips are super deliciously sweet looking.

Paired them up with the ribbon sculptured clippies to have the 'Va..Va..Voom' effect.