Sunday, May 15, 2011

A little diversion.

I have some fabrics in my storage which were supposed to be made into dresses for Azzahra sometime ago...hmmm...that was like two years ago. And did I tell you I bought a used sewing machine last year for this never started project. I don't see this going to materialize anyhow since Azzahra has enter the age of four, she is already showing her taste of fashion. Mostly she picks on pants and tees nowadays and her explanation is 'comfy'. Oh well, I couldn't agree more.

So where do the fabrics go? Certainly, I'm not going to waste them as cotton materials are pretty costly. It can even reach up to $16 per meter!!

Here's what I did with them. Rolled them up and made into fabric flowers, add some ornaments and wallaaa....they are as sweet as sugar!! The fabric bows (not sure what to call them) can be worn on its own as a hair clip or attached to a headband. Check below. Cool rite...

Green + Pink + White = Sweet!!

Top position

Side position...sweet as sugar!!

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