Friday, May 6, 2011

Finally they arrived!

Since I got the inspiration back, I'm eager to get new ribbons. My stock do need replenishing as with what I have right now is quite limited plus I badly need new colours and designs to get myself motivated. I'm also thinking of doing ribbon woven headband so more headband it is.

I said earlier, Brunei have limited grosgrain ribbons otherwise I would love shopping in my own country. So logged onto online shopping and as expected I was drowning in the sea of gorgeous ribbons. This is a dangerous moment for a ribbon lover armed with a Credit Card. My wise spending strategy is DO NOT buy immediately, browse thoroughly first and try to picture the colour combination. If it looks good in the head then only they go into the cart.

Checkout?? Nope, I don't rush into that yet. Usually the stuff will be in the cart for at least a week. Within that time span, the imaginations continue to grow and the cart will experience two things, either getting weight reduce or being dump with more ribbons. Also, the mind need to do serious thinking on the money spent.

Clicked checkout on March 21 and somehow I confidently expect that they will reach me within 2 to 3 weeks time. Boy, was I wrong! Goodbye April, Hello May and ribbons are still away. Hey, that rhymes!

planned to check with the post office to see if the stuff arrives but never get to actually do it. Work life is getting busier I guess. On May 4, as I returned from work, there on the coffee table lay a brown box. YAY, they finally reached Brunei!!

Have a peek : )

My long awaited babies.

Gorgeous ribbons.

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